Self-Rule by Oronde Yero

Self-Rule is about reclaiming our hearts and minds from the world and living more true to ourselves. It warns of the dangers of trying to find self-worth or validation through external sources. It is a collection of essays and poems inviting the reader to look within themselves for strength, guidance and peace. Self-Rule is for those who seek to find themselves, to overcome insecurities and develop self-mastery.

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Published by:
Ascensions Personal Empowerment Services
Atlanta, Georgia. USA

ISBN: 9781790216826

Reclaiming Your Inner-Life, Light and Sovereign Self

Written by Oronde Yero

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“Self-Rule is a useful tool in regaining the awareness of one’s core being and authentic self. Once we allow that part of us to shine, despite world views and societal pressure, we reclaim our throne and self-sovereignty. It is time to do the work. The world is waiting.”
~Tamika N. Harris, Educator

“I’ve known Oronde for over 15 years and he never ceases to amaze me. In his first, of what I hope will be many more to come, self help books–Self Rule proves to be an educational yet thought provoking self help tool, as it is as educational as it is enlightening. Even if you have never picked up a self help book before, Self-Rule is easy to follow, with clear definitions of concepts and relatable examples to drive the concepts home. It challenges us to be mindful, meditative, and motivated to reach our ‘best life’ which he refers to as the Sovereign Self. For an added bonus the soothing sounds of poetry will have you ‘clap-snapping’ as if you were at a poetry slam. As a mental health therapist and social worker, I highly recommend Self-Rule as a tool to be added to your toolkit for navigating change within yourself as well as with your clients.”
~Lakiesha Hampton, LMSW

“I am very proud and happy to see my good friend and brother of the martial
arts finally get to express his dream of getting his book published. As I
started reading the book It came to me I have lived this book first hand.
When I was going through the perils of post divorce Oronde used this teaching
with love and understand to keep me from falling over the edge and letting
the dark side push me to the unthinkable. So I know first hand how valuable
the teaching in these pages are and I know I was blessed to have this man
as a friend when I couldn’t find the light.”
~Derek Frazier LMT

Oronde Yero (Oh-run-day) MS, LPC, NCC is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Life Coach. He is also the founder of Ascensions Personal Empowerment Services, located in Atlanta Georgia. He is an independent researcher, practitioner, and teacher of personal growth, stress management, meditation, and hypnosis. He has studied yoga and spiritual philosophy for over 10 years under the guidance of Dr. Muata Ashby and the Sema Institute. He is certified in Kemetic Yoga Instruction and Counseling. He is a gifted artist, poet, writer and martial artist. Professionally, Oronde has served as a educator in public schools and residential treatment facilities. As a teacher, he has learned to facilitate learning by consistently seeking to better understand the unique needs of each student. Oronde Yero is driven by a desire to help others discover their passions and live more abundantly.